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Ostrova Pacific Informational Agency provides everyday information about economics, policy, oil and gas and other industries, international relationships, incidents, advertisements, etc. by subscription. In Gold Pen Competition-2006 TIA Ostrova is recognized the best informational agency of the Sakhalin Region.

Our latest news are provided by our staff and string journalists working in all 18 districts of the Sakhalin Region, including the most far and hardly accessible – the Kuril Isles. Among our subscribers are the most of Sakhalin media, federal print and electronic media, foreign media offices, Japan Consulate, international and Russian oil and gas companies, banks, major construction and industrial companies, public organizations and many others. That’s why our news is operatively distributed in wide information space. HERE you may learn more about our partners : http://www1.tia-ostrova.ru/?div=18&parent=18TIA Ostrova Informational Products: Regional News is a daily updated newsfeed in Russian and English languages on a client’s choice. It is issued twice a day in Russian and once a day in English. TIA Ostrova Digest includes the most important news for a week in Russian and English languages on a client’s choice. It is issued every Friday. Economic Digest includes business and economics news for a week in Russian and English languages on a client’s choice. It is issued every Friday. Address: 21 Kommunistichesky Ave., office 7, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 693010 Phone: +7(4242) 44-28-14, 22-44-80, 22-79-55, 72-56-60 Телефон/Факс: +7(4242) 22-44-80, 22-79-54, 22-45-35, e-mail: redaktor@tia-ostrova.ru, maskaleva@tia-ostrova.ru  Media Registration: АИ№15-0239 of Aug.08.2001 INN 6501110816, KPP 650101001 Settl. acc. 40702810600000001133 Corr./acc. 30101810300000000772 BIC 046401772 in Iturup Bank LLC, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Полезные страницы
Fbr 14 "One-Handed Bandits" Tightly Pressed
In three years there will not be any casinos in cities: they will move to special gambling areas. Gambling machines will disappear as well. But what about the current situation?
Fbr 6 Who Gains?
How will the trade reforms influence Sakhalin citizens used to buy things on Chinese marketplaces?
Jnr 30 Igor Bystrov: We Waste Half of Our Sea Resources
Why we do not use our rich resources? Why our marketplaces are so poor and the prices for sea products are so high? The main reason must be the poor governing of the fishing branch.
Jnr 24 Gorny Vozdukh: How Much Is a Ticket?
A lot of words have been said about Gorny Vozdukh base new born. But then Rosneft refused to finance the project and the region authorities came down to the business.

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